The Future of Design is Digital.
- John Medea

Do you have a project story or something you want to share with the Digital Design Community?

We are focused on collecting stories about people behind the products we love. If you or your agency is working on a project, we'd love to help you broadcast what went on behind the scenes, who were those that were involved and more. Or, if you have a topic you want to talk about, we are dying to sit down and discuss it with you.

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*Note that we will try to respond to every interview request in 24 hours even on the weekends, because we feel just as passionate to share your story as you are.

About Digital and Computer Arts

Digital and Computer Arts is not persuasive, academic or by any means treated as a standard on-line publication. It is purely observational, identifying those that do create the future. The project was made in efforts to elevate and unify the digital design community by shedding light on emerging product and graphic designers while promoting the tool and techniques that make designing today so brilliant.

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